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Ramp to car park Path to pool and car park Shower and manual chair

In short, there exists new legislation saying that all buildings that are “open to the public” should by now be accessible wherever possible. Please note my use of the conditional and the little disclaimer at the end of the sentence!

We have spent the last few years trying to seek out accessible tourist sites, activities and restaurants, this has not been easy but our search continues.

What makes our and your task more difficult is that information regarding accessibility is very hit and miss.

Unfortunately, the general rule of thumb is if accessibility is in doubt, ask but assume the worst.

I have published a small website with the as yet incomplete results of our search.

If you find any information regarding sites that are accessible that may not be listed here, we would be grateful if you would let us know and I can put this on the site.

The site contains links to more information and other websites where available. It is an interim solution, I do intend to present the information in a far more user-friendly way at some point.

In the meantime, please access the website via this link: www.ancheyra.webs.com.

The exterior and ground floor interior of the property have been designed to accommodate wheelchair users.

Our challenge was to do so and at the same time, retain the charm and character of the property.

Inside, the ground floor rooms are large and doors have been widened to ease manoeuvrability.

Both ground floor bedrooms, with king size and twin beds are accessible.

The wet room is easy to wheel into, with fixed and extra suction-type grab bars.

If you have any further requests, or questions regarding the above or anything else, please ask. We have tried to cater for all needs but realise that you may have more specific requirements.

Pool and ramp Access to pool Stylus 405 wheelchair Self-propelled shower chair/commode

We have a choice of manual shower chair (left) or self-propelled shower chair/commode (right  in situ).

We also have a fairly basic Pride PMW405 wheelchair which you are welcome to use in the gîte (see below).

Externally, paths slope gently down from the car park to the gîte and from there, down to the swimming pool, which has  a ramp and lowered area for easy transfer from your chair into the pool.

Wet room

As some of you will already be aware, France is attempting to haul itself into the 20th (never mind the 21st) century regarding accessibility.