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Terrace dining area Pool from bbq

“Les Rossignols” has its own private gate, drive and large car parking area that leads to a 20m2 covered terrace overlooking the pool and grounds.

For security, there are safety gates at this entrance and above the steps, which lead down to the barbecue area, pool and terrace which overlook open views and offer full sunshine all day long.

The pool is 1.0m to 1.82m deep, is illuminated at night and has an electric cover, which conforms fully to current French AFNOR safety regulations.

We are situated in the Périgord Vert, the quiet northern area of the Dordogne, known for its landscape of lush meadows, valleys, trees and water, which forms part of the “Regional Natural Park Périgord Limousin”.

The property nestles in a small rural hamlet and is set within 28 acres of our own private land consisting of meadows, woodland, streams and large pond, all of which you are welcome to explore at your leisure.

Gite from garden

Our balcony and pool and barbecue seating areas offer the ideal situation for artists, stargazers and watchers of wildlife.

The high forestation and extremely low levels of artificial background light and pollution around us gives you stunning views of the night sky.

Larger animals that you may see around us include the roe and red deer, wild boar, pine marten and red squirrel.

Along with the more common raptors and smaller birds, we see black and red kite, hobby and hen harrier. More often heard than seen are the hoopoe, golden oriole, cuckoo and as you can hear if you choose to run the following link, the nightingale, after which “Les Rossignols” is named.

After a long search, we found this property in 2006. There followed two years of planning, conversion and renovation, with the usual disasters and triumphs along the way.

Finally in July 2008, one end of a long, 300 year-old barn was transformed into our gîte, “Les Rossignols d’Ancheyra”.

A touch of landscaping work was added to create its gardens into which we dropped a 10x4.5m swimming pool.

We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Before After Pool view Nightingale Song.mp3

Nightingale’s song: